Digital fabrication in an interdisciplinary higher education

abLab is a reaction to cutting edge developments in digital fabrication technology. Our ultramodern machines, which include 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutters and more, provide fantastic opportunities to develop project and problem-oriented course contents for digitised higher education. Our goal is to create a digital fabrication infrastructure that can be used in every one of our degree programmes; an infrastructure that paves the way for new teaching and learning concepts. Digital fabrication should be a forward-looking, interdisciplinary skill set available to all of our students.

As a university of applied sciences, FabLab should be a place to develop new project ideas like FabTec (developing new manufacturing technologies with/for businesses), FabEvent (FabLab as an event for companies), FabTrain (FabLab as a training tool) and FabMake (FabLab for makers). As FabLab also enables new business models (production on demand, on site or without machine parks), it can also be used to launch innovative entrepreneurial projects too.